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What Are the Top 10 Best Online Photography Colleges?
Boston University: Boston

Photojournalism Program

: Students are taught with an emphasis on experiential learning in this prestigious program. Graduates have gone on to become Pulitzer Prize winners and pursue careers in new media, the newspaper and magazine industry, and more.

American InterContinental UniversityCITY
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication

: Several of AIU’s campuses offer this BFA program, which lets students concentrate in one of the following areas: Graphic Design, Illustration, or Photography. The program teaches students to become well-rounded, professional photographers who understand photography theory, practice and equipment.

International Academy of Design and Technology: Tampa
Associate of Science in Digital Photography

: Courses in this introductory program include Lighting Basics, Marketing and Business Practices, Photoshop for Photographers I, Photojournalism, Portrait Photography and more, giving students a very well-rounded approach to photography. Students are expected to take advantage of opportunities which allow them to develop advertising and fashion images, cover real-life events, and more.

Pratt Institute: Brooklyn
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography

: This elite art school offers an 8-semester BFA program. Classes cover the history of photography, working in the studio, understanding color, and general academics.

Savannah College of Art and Design: Savannah, Atlanta, Online
Bachelor of Arts in Photography
: This program requires students to complete 25 hours of foundation studies including drawing and color theory classes; 90 hours of general education classes; and 45 hours of photography classes and seminars. Photography classes cover the history of the field and artistic techniques.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography

: SCAD’s BFA Photography program emphasizes more arts and creative classes, but students must still take 55 hours of general education classes, including courses in art history, English, speech and more. The major curriculum includes photography electives, history of photography classes, instruction in studio techniques and a senior project.
Master of Arts in Photography

: Students pursuing an MA in Photography can choose to concentrate in general photography, commercial photography, digital photography or documentary photography. Each of these concentrations requires 45 hours of study.
Master of Fine Arts in Photography

: SCAD’s MFA Photography program requires students to complete 90 hours of coursework. Classes include upper level courses in color craft, studio craft, contemporary photography, art criticism, and a field or teaching internship.
Minor in Photography

: Students who want to minor in photography must complete 40 hours of photography coursework. Topics covered include large-format technique, black and white technique, and photography history.

The Art Institute of Philadelphia: Philadelphia
Associate of Science in Photography

: In this program, students learn how to use the darkroom and get an introduction to photography equipment. Concepts covered include composition, light, color, digital imaging, and more.
Bachelor of Science in Photography

: This degree program challenges students to develop a more critical and creative eye when analyzing photographs and photographic methods. Courses are scheduled on the quarter system and include Advanced Principles of Photography, Location Photography and others.

Academy of Art University: San Francisco
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography

: Students are taught by working professionals in this program and are encouraged to find their own personal artistic style. Skills learned include the ability to create visual metaphors, organize and maintain a professional portfolio, work with clients, understand straight and conceptual photography and more.

Master of Fine Arts in Photography

: This graduate level program learn a combination of digital photography skills, business skills, lighting and equipment skills and conceptual photography skills. Graduates are highly qualified and eligible to work in a variety of photography and design environments.

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